WEISSER Univertor AS-650 CNC

WEISSER Univertor AS-650 CNC

Offer details

Stock-No. 1113-6711
Type of machine CNC Lathe
Type Univertor AS-650 CNC
Year of manufacture 2000
Type of control CNC
Control name Sinumeric 840D
Storage location Butzbach
Country of origin Germany
Delivery time immediate, as agreed
Freight basis FCA


turning diameter mm
turning length mm
total power requirement kW
spindle bearing diameter 90 mm
clamping chuck diameter 250 mm
workpiece length - max. 650 mm
spindle drive 30 kW
work stroke Z 800 mm
travel -x axis 280 mm
rapid speed Z 60 m/min
rapid speed X 30 m/min


Unique, highly productive shaft pick-up lathe for mass production
Shaft production


Pick-up concept
rotational turning
Wave chuck
Direct-Drive Revolver
Linear direct drive

The automation solution integrated as a pick-up system eliminates the need for loaders or separate robot solutions
the horizontal spindle with tailstock loads and unloads automatically
Various production modules for process integrations such as turning, milling, turning or grinding
dry machining

The modular, single-spindle UNIVERTOR AS with original WEISSER pick-up system is designed especially for dry machining of gear and crankshafts. It is predestined for cost-effective complete machining of different batch sizes with high machining and quality requirements. The design as a right or left machine concept allows the ideal adaptation to different production processes.

In addition to the excellent dynamics and the high rapid traverse speeds, the UNIVERTOR AS series also has very good damping properties and thus first-class accuracy.

The cross slide of the UNIVERTOR AS, which carries both the motor spindle and the NC tailstock, has a horizontal structure. Tailstock and steady rest NC controlled. The peak width is offered in the two sizes 400 mm or 650 mm workpiece length.

The possibility of technology integration of innovative methods, such as Turning, hard turning, grinding, drilling or milling causes a significant reduction of in-house logistics processes and creates high-precision machining results.
In combination with the UNIVERTOR AS / 4 for 4-axis soft machining and the universal UNIVERTOR AE cutting and centering machine, the complete machining of shafts is realized with high efficiency.

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