SEMA END 70-1-2-S-100-NC-A

SEMA END 70-1-2-S-100-NC-A

Offer details

Stock-No. 1113-235071
Type of machine Facing and Centering Machine
Company SEMA
Type END 70-1-2-S-100-NC-A
Year of manufacture 2008
Type of control CNC
Control name Siemens
Storage location Staufenberg Stock 1
Country of origin Austria
Delivery time to be agreed
Freight basis FCA


max. workpiece diameter 29 mm
min. workpiece diameter 26 mm
workpiece length 66 mm
total power requirement kW

the system was originally delivered for the following workpiece sizes: diameter 26mm - 29mm length 65mm - 66mm
Changing parts in the clamping device, handling, etc. would probably result in diameters of up to approx. Ø50mm
Total length will probably be almost 400 mm possible with a few conversions.
Also dependent on tool lengths, machining lengths on the component, etc.

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