JUNKER Jumat 6S 10-10

JUNKER Jumat 6S 10-10

Offer details

Stock-No. 1113-23006
Type of machine Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Company JUNKER
Type Jumat 6S 10-10
Year of manufacture 2007
Type of control CNC
Control name Fanuc 16i-TB mit Siemsn PCU50
Storage location Staufenberg Stock 1
Country of origin Germany
Delivery time immediate, as agreed
Freight basis FCA


grinding diameter mm
grinding length mm
centre height mm
total power requirement kW
weight of the machine ca. 24 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 3900 x 3500 x 2500 m

-the machine has no B axis
-two grinding spindles with one grinding wheel each -
The transport instructions can be found in the documentation (attachment).
including Hoffmann KSM filter system
Loading list available
Operating data v. 03/27/2023: Operating time: 21727 h / production time: 11960 h
Machine documentation: 1 set of circuit diagrams, electrical plans, operating instructions
Accessories: 2 replacement measuring heads Marposs S/500; prism supports
Other: Hoffmann KSM filter system
Machine condition: according to age, due to processing with emulsion

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