Engine production line Different manufacturers

Engine production line Different manufacturers

Offer details

Stock-No. 1113-2100010
Type of machine plants
Company Engine production line
Type Different manufacturers
Year of manufacture 1996-2009
Type of control CNC
Control name
Storage location Europe
Country of origin unknown
Delivery time immediate, as agreed
Freight basis


total power requirement *********** kW
weight of the machine ca. ********** t
dimensions of the machine ca. ********** m

State Of The Art 3 and 4 Cylinder EURO 6 Engine Production (1,0 to 1,4 ltr.)
EURO 6 Norm

Max 220 NM Torque
> 150KW/200hp
< 9 seconds from 0 to speed 100
> 200 km/h top speed
< 6 liter fuel consumption
< 140 grams of CO² emissions

The dual camshaft adjustment of the Euro 6 engine allows variable valve control. Numerous measures such as the grey cast iron block with hollow frame structure, hollow cast camshafts and an intake tract made of plastic contribute to further weight savings.

The following componemt production is included in the production

Cylinder block
Cylinder head
Connecting rod

The total capacity of the production is > 1,3 Mio. engines p.a.

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